Monday, April 26, 2010


image by Julia Bean
French Neon presents:
VISIONARY/VISIONS ARE SCARY --- curated by Monkey Mop Boy
Friday, April 30th 7-9pm
343 13th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
"Surrogate lover in the form of a fake white seal; its outer fur is coarse like fine steel wool; the inner stuffing is creamy like artificial cotton balls. The mind must make up for the deficiency. The imagination and repetitive motions bring forth the coiled serpent of the seven circles. The partnership pings and pongs the feathered birdie back and forth, over/above the net. Sweat trickles down and the breath becomes heavy. The intensity in the eyes beam the headlights of hunger traveling through the tunnel, towards the secret trigger. Now we are both together... scissoring our heads together... the many hands become one. I swallowed your world... and it came to me in a dozen white millipedes. When I pulled them out I was relieved and the worms were fine... until my brother flipped one on its back... the scream was of a wind-up machine. Their little legs didn't hurt my throat. You inspire me. Who am I now?" - Monkey Mop Boy
A group show featuring the visionary visions of:
EJ Hauser, Anthony Austin, Caitlin MacQueen, Daniel Bainbridge, Julia Bean, Zach Bruder, Faurot + Paulson, Don Cameron, Tryn Collins, Mira Dancy, Hannah Rawe, Matt Dilling, Leah Dixon, Wayne Heller, Erin Jones, Travis Krupka, Carey Maxon, Emily Monen, Monkey Mop Boy, David Teng Olsen, Kassie Asmann Teng, Adrian Tone, Wes Ulfig and others
Special performance by Live and Drawn!!!